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Take advantage of this affordable yet attention-grabbing option to present yourself at Frankfurter Buchmesse

We offer big centres of attraction for the press, public and trade visitors. If you are an exhibitor, use the opportunity and present your authors, books and products on our stages. Your audience: 10,000 journalists, more than 286,000 trade visitors and private visitors from all over the world.

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YOGI TEA® Lesezelt (Reading Marquee, Agora)

Lesezelt 2016 61858

Readings, author talks, and award ceremonies will take place on this large literary stage at the Book Fair. The special flair of the historic mirror tent and the tea service with Yogi Tea invites visitors to stay and relax. The venue has room for up to 300 people, with seating niches around the perimeter and chairs in front of the stage. Organisers are provided a niche during their event. Another attraction: At the end of your event you can also reserve the signing box in the middle of the Agora for your author.

Stage: 16 sqm
Capacity: Maximum five speakers, approx. 200 chairs, 100 niche seating

Event Truck (Agora)

Open Stage 2017 63880

THE stage for a diverse array of acts: music, art, comics, poetry slams. Here performance knows no boundaries – the stage with an open-air flair and high-quality technology guarantees to draw a lot of attention at the Agora.

Signing Box (Agora)

Vip Udo Lindenberg 2017 63808

Our Signing Box stands at the heart of the fair – in the Agora. Here, authors can get closer to visitors and offer their signatures. Those who have organised an event in the YOGI TEA® Lesezelt (Reading Marquee), Event Truck and Frankfurt Pavilion can reserve a 30-minute slot in the Signing Box afterwards.
Furnishing: Table for book signing and book sales, two chairs, a shelf for book presentations, book display units, walls for posters etc., portable heating unit, service personnel who will act as contact person and assist in crowd control.

NEW: Starting in September, free slots in the Signing Box will be rented to our exhibitors. Autograph sessions will also be available for authors who haven’t booked a reading at an Agora stage. Please consult the calendar which we will make available in good time as part of the reservation tool online.

Frankfurt Kids Stage (Foyer 5.1/6.1)

Kidsstage 2017 Aw-0093 64824

We have created a central networking area for international children's media in the foyer between two international halls. The area includes an International Children's Books Collective Stand for new exhibitors, media and licensing hubs, as well as the popular Illustrators Corner and a café.
Ideally located and at the heart of the new area is the Frankfurt Kids Stage: a magnet for both trade visitors and the general public. Take advantage of this event location to put the spotlight on your authors, hold readings, or host an open discussion. Here we will also present award ceremonies and networking events. Become part of the programme with your own contribution and use the strong media attention guaranteed by the new location for international children's and young adult media. Your audience is waiting!

Stage: 4 x 4 m
Capacity: Max. 4 speakers, approx. 70 seats + 50 standing spots

Further information on children's and young adults' media

Self-Publishing Area (Hall 3.0)

Self Publishing Area 2016 61456

The Self-Publishing Area features workshops, discussions, panels and presentations on the topic of “Self Publishing in the German Market”.
Here, providers can offer authors valuable tips on marketing, bookselling or legal issues. A large part of the programme will be put together by us and our partners, but there are some slots available for your topics as well.
Stage: 5 x 3 m
Capacity: Max. 5 speakers, approx. 70 seats + 100 standing room spots

Further information on the Self-Publishing Area

Gourmet Gallery: Show Kitchen and Gourmet Salon (Hall 3.1)

Gourmet Gallery _30195

At the heart of the Gourmet Gallery, the Show Kitchen is a very popular destination for the media, trade visitors and the general public. Use this attractive stage for your cooking show. We also offer the Gourmet Salon for your reading, wine tasting, press conference or presentation.

Show Kitchen Stage: 6 x 3.5 m, fully-equipped kitchen
Capacity: Max. 4 people in the kitchen, approx. 50 seats + 300 standing spots
Gourmet Salon Stage: 5 x 1.5 m
Capacity: Max. 3 speakers, approx. 30 seats + 50 standing spots

Further information on the Gourmet Gallery

LitCam Stage (Hall 3.1)

Kulturstadion 2016 59644

Education, physical activity, books – and football. At the LitCam Stage, you can present your football title or invite guests to a discussion on education and policy using your products. LitCam is a collective organisation and advocates equal rights in education. It conducts its own projects that support children and young adults in need and helps them gain the skills they need to live.
Stage: Ca. 6 x 3 m
Capacity: Max. 5 speakers, approx. 50 seats (pouffes) + 100 standing spots
Additional information: Antonia Stock, stock@book-fair.com

Further information on the LitCam-Project

THE ARTS+ Runway and Salon (Hall 4.1)

Arts+ 2017 63937

THE ARTS+ is the marketplace for business with cultural content. The new avant-garde of creative business meets here. The programme on the Runway offers engrossing performances, interactive presentations and surprising pitches at the crossroads of creativity and technology. In the Salon, players from various sectors come together. It is the perfect stage for interviews, talks or receptions. In the time when no programme is planned, the open and interactively-designed Runway and the half-open Salon can be reserved for exhibition events.

More on THE ARTS+

Education Stage (Hall 4.2)

Klassenzimmer Der Zukunft 2013 38985

Surrounded by more than 1 000 publishers, technology players and service providers from the education sectors – you can present your latest products and open a dialogue with the trade audience.

Stage: 15 sqm
Capacity: Max. 5 speakers, approx. 50 seats + 50 standing room spots

Further information on education

Academic & Business Information Stage (Hall 4.2)

Dsc 2300.jpg

In these innovative surroundings, current topics from STM, academic, specialist information and technology find the perfect home along with socio-political talks on topics like politics, finance, economics and law.

Stage: 15 sqm
Capacity: Max. 5 speakers, approx. 50 seats + 50 standing room spots

International Stage (Hall 5.1)

Internationalstage 2017 Aw-0495 64825

Our stage in Hall 5.1 can be found among exhibitors from all around the world where you will find a stimulating exchange about the latest developments in the book industry as well as literary and cultural-political subjects. German publishers and institutions will also join the International Stage. Of course, the stage is suitable for readings by authors from all regions of the world, who can present their work to a very interested (trade) audience.

Stage: 12 sqm
Capacity: 4 speakers, approx. 35 seats + 50 standing spots

Evening Events (Indoor/Outdoor)

Plan your own evening programme right on the exhibition grounds

We will provide you with a stage with sound and video technology. Refreshments can be ordered for your guests from our experienced fair caterer, Accente Services, or from a provider of your choice. Create the atmosphere that matches your event and present the Book Fair to your guests in a whole new, after-hours light.

In the halls: 6.00-8.00 pm including set-up and break-down
Agora stages: 6.00-9.00 pm including set-up and break-down

Any questions?

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The stages in pictures


Use our Online-Reservation-Tool and get your event slot now:

Attention: The stages can only be reserved by registered exhibitors of Frankfurter Buchmesse 2018.

Services & Prices from 2018

Prices* slot reservation 30 minutes including set-up and break-down** 60 minutes including set-up and break-down**
Stages in Halls 3, 4, 5, 6, Passage Between Halls 5/6
On all fair days (Wed - Sun) 650 € 860
YOGI TEA® Lesezelt (Reading Marquee), Event Truck in the Agora
On all trade visitor days (Wed - Fri) 650 € 860 €
On all public days (Sat + Sun) 860 € 1,200 €
Signing Box

Following an event in YOGI TEA® Lesezelt (Reading Marquee) /Event Truck on all fair days (Wed - Sun)


Starting Sept.; remaining spots can be reserved without a previous event on the Agora stages 

50 € for every 30 minutes



250 € for every 30 minutes

Evening Events
On all fair days (Wed - Sun) From 1,200 € to 3,000 € ***

* The listed prices are binding and include required VAT.

** Set-up and break-down are included in price. Please ensure you end the event on time, so that the next customer can use their entire slotted time. 

*** Prices for evening events vary with each stage and the length of the event. Price does not include costs for catering, additional furniture, extra tickets for guests coming from outside the fair and personnel.

All slot prices include:

  • Provision of a professional event area
  • Between 40 and 200 seats and twice as many standing places (depending on the stage)
  • Technical equipment for stage
  • 30-minute or 60-minute slot for event (incl. set-up and dismantling)
  • Technical support
  • Personal support from our stage staff
  • Presentation of your products during the event
  • Opportunity to sell books (at the fixed shop price) during the event
  • Signing box for your author following events in the YOGI TEA® Lesezelt (Reading Marquee), Event Truck or Frankfurt Pavilion
  • Announcement of the event at the stage and in the programme
  • Inclusion in the Calendar of Events
  • Evening events possible upon request

Other stages at Frankfurter Buchmesse (only on request)

Frankfurt Pavilion (Agora)

Buchmesse Topview 03 64819

Frankfurter Buchmesse has a new landmark: the approximately 450 sqm Frankfurt Pavilion, which will act as the main representative stage of the fair. Trade visitor days will focus on book presentations, press conferences, award ceremonies as well as round-table discussions on industry topics and conferences with an international focus.

On the weekend, authors can introduce themselves to a wide audience, and on Sunday we are planning a family day. The curated programme will be put together in cooperation with exhibitors and partners. Renting opportunities are available with certain limitations. We look forward to your recommendations!
It cannot be reserved directly, as the programme is being curated.

Additional information: Kirsti Pärssinen, paerssinen@book-fair.com
Photography: © schneider + schumacher

Weltempfang (Hall 3.1)

Foto-weltepfang Von-joscha 64820

Weltempfang is the Centre for Politics, Literature and Translation. In the salon and on the stage, podium discussions and talks will take place with international authors, intellectuals and translators.
It cannot be reserved directly as the programme is being curated.

Additional information: Joscha Hekele, hekele@book-fair.com

Publishing Services & Retail Stage (Hall 4.0)

Self Publishing 2015 53888

Production – innovation – retail. In addition to areas of interest like Production and Services in Publishing, other topics such as bookselling, distribution, POS, store and retail will be covered extensively on this central stage in Hall 4.0. In addition, topics will be bundled together by experts creating a daily programme which is mostly curated. A few spots, however, can be reserved: Just ask us!

Additional information: Maike Bannas, bannas@bookfair.com

Business Club (Hall 4.0)

Business Club 2017 64308

The centrally located top location offers you and your guests everything you need for a successful event. Whether it is an exclusive reception, an informal get-together or a presentation:
We will take care of the furnishing, technical needs, catering and personnel.

Additional information: Kirsti Pärssinen, paerssinen@bookfair.com

Reading Zone of Independent Publishers (Hall 4.1)

Leseinsel 2016 62967

The Kurt Wolff Foundation for the support of a diverse publishing and literature scene stands for literary quality and exciting experiment. At the Reading Zone, we organise a multi-faceted and discerning series of readings by often unknown authors, who can be discovered here.
It cannot be reserved directly as the programme is being curated.

Additional information: Karsten Dehler, info@kurt-wolff-stiftung.de

Workshop Area (Hall 4.2)

 Mw 7205 64823

The Workshop Area is suitable for smaller formats and types of interactive sessions and a direct dialogue with the audience. No direct reservations are possible, but we are happy to accept suggestions that match the theme of Hall 4.2.

Stage: No stage lectern, 1 sofa, 1 flipchart, 1 screen and 1 small sound system
Capacity: 1-2 speakers, 20 seat cubes. The area is 45 sqm.
Additional information: Martina Wolff de Carrasco, wolffdecarrasco@book-fair.com

Contractual conditions

Your booking in the reservation tool does not constitute a binding contract. Frankfurter Buchmesse reserves the right to refuse events if they do not match the overall theme of the programme or if there is any reason to suspect that an event could interfere with the smooth operations of, or endanger safety, at Frankfurter Buchmesse, provided this is not attributable to the management or organisational areas of Frankfurter Buchmesse. After review, we will send you a printed or electronic (PDF) order confirmation, which constitutes a concluded contractual agreement. You will also be informed if your event cannot be approved.
As part of our efforts to ensure attractive programmes on the stages, we will contact you if there are any conflicts when filling time slots. In certain exceptional cases, we may ask you to change the time and/or date of your event, or ask you to move the event to a more appropriate stage.

Please notice:

The stages can only be reserved by registered exhibitors of Frankfurter Buchmesse 2018.

For written cancellations submitted before 24 July 2018, a cancellation fee of 20% will be charged. Thereafter, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the event price.