Agora – The Centre of the Book Fair

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The Agora is the largest and most centrally located space at the Frankfurt Book Fair for presenting your company or product. It is the large outdoor space where all paths converge on the exhibition grounds. It’s also the perfect place to reach a huge audience and features a range of options for generating attention – from hosting an event, to displaying your company in one of our unique advertising.

Area rental

There is a lot happening on the Agora. Show your colours with an individual advertisement and presentation format - whether with an event truck, inflatbles, huge posters. You can't get more attention than here.

Agora stages: Lesezelt & Open Stage

A low-priced but strong way to introduce yourself:

OPEN STAGE: The Book Fair’s event stage

This huge, light canopy covers a space of 260 square meters in the middle of the Agora and is one of the biggest event location of the entire Book Fair. The Open Stage offers a raised stage, audio system and plenty of space for all kinds of action – an open-air space, it’s weatherproof thanks to heating units, parasol heaters and blankets.

LESEZELT: The place for literary events

The "Lesezelt" (Reading Tent) is the meeting place for reading enthusiasts and hosts readings in a distinctive atmosphere. It offers room for 300 people. Seating options include alcoves along the edge and chairs placed on the stage. An alcove is made available to organisers during their event. In addition to the programme content, the cosy reading-tent atmosphere and free Yogi Tea offered in the entrance area invite visitors to linger here.

Fair party or corporate event

Agora venues at the centre of the fair – for your evening events as well A special atmosphere and short distances: Hire the Open Stage or “Lesezelt” (Reading Tent) for your private functions in the evening after the fair closes for the day. These venues are also available for events that last into the night (unlike the halls, which close at 8:00 p.m.). The available technical equipment is at your disposal, of course, and may, if necessary, be supplemented. You may organise catering yourself – or contact us. We’ll take care of every aspect of your event to ensure a successful evening.

Branding and promotion

BRANDING: Your extra-large logo in the spotlight
As a partner of our "Lesezelt" (Reading Tent) and "Open Stage" or of the "Book Signing Tent" and "Giant Seating Circle" on the Agora Piazza, you can really call attention to yourself and your logo.

PROMOTION: Bring your message to the people
The Agora offers you options that would not otherwise be possible in the exhibition halls. In this open space and on the paths to each hall, your promotional team has direct access to a stream of attendees.

Your advantages - your audience

Your advantages

  • High visibility, easy to reach and directly accessible to the general public
  • Views onto the Agora from above from inside the fair hallways and terraces as well
  • Lighting technology to illuminate evening events
  • Use of the huge screen at the Open Stage for film screenings, trailers, documentaries, et cetera possible

Your audience

  • Trade visitors (Wed, Thu): Trade visitors from the entire industry all in one place: an opportunity for intense contact/consultation, etc.
  • On the Friday of the fair and general public days (Sat, Sun): general audience; very high visitor numbers
  • At the weekend: colourful hustle and bustle thanks to numerous cosplayers

Our Agora offers in pictures:

Open Stage and Lesezelt

Space rental

Fair party or corporate event

Branding and promotion

Any questions?

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Slots at the Agora stages: Prices and services

All slot prices include:

  • A professional event space put at your disposal
  • Technical equipment and support
  • Possibility of presenting your products
  • Possibility of selling books (at the fixed retail price) during your event
  • Announcement of your event on the weekly events programme board by the stage
  • Inclusion in the events calendar
  • Support from qualified personnel